RE-DESIGN ... that's what we did at Kate's house. Her story says it all...

"Do you believe in magic? I do. More and more I felt that my house was becoming overwhelmed with stuff. I felt like I had too much furniture that didn’t match, that my eclectic taste was catching up with me. I loved all my stuff, but I just couldn’t make it work. Every room was a mismatch of furniture and it looked messy instead of “eclectic chic.” I felt like I had to get rid of EVERYTHING and just start over. I really couldn’t start shopping for new furniture, so I called Norma for a consultation. She was at my house for about an hour and a half, asked some questions, took some photos and then left to come up with a plan, saying she was excited about all the possibilities she was envisioning. Norma asked me to purchase two items (a can of black spray paint and a piece of bead board).




I spent $20.  While I was at work, Norma came to do her thing. That afternoon, when I walked into my house and saw the living room and dining room, I could not believe my eyes! I could not believe it was my house, and it was all my very own things! All the furniture and accessories that I have always loved looked fabulous! I was beyond excited, beyond words! I was amazed! Never would I have thought of the layout that she saw, the placement of accessories that worked so well. Norma and her “crew” created magic in my home. Her positive and creative energy has motivated me to do more, to clean out rooms and get rid of the things I don’t like or need, and to put aside my favorite things...knowing that she'll come back and create her magic once again!"

-Kate S

More testimonials:

You know the long list you've been meaning to get to but never seem to find the time. You think you'll always get to it but never seem to. Well that's when I called Norma. Her talents are abundant. Her gift of organizing and eye for staging what is already yours is nothing short of magic. She transformed rooms, organized my daily living and most importantly motivated me.  She is truly amazing!  Give her a won't be disappointed.   -M.R.

Norma is brilliant! I can't thank her enough for all of her creativity. I recently opened an airbrush tanning studio and she coached me through the entire renovation process. It's difficult for me to envision exactly what I want, but Norma is a great listener and was able to help me from the overall conception of my brand, straight down to the last details. She was amazing at reading my thoughts when I couldn't. Every client that comes into my studio raves about how beautiful, chic, and bright it is. It's everything I wanted and more! Norma is a master at her trade for both businesses and homes. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to reorganize their space, stage their home, or in need (as I was) of an interior coach. Thank you so much again!!!  - MaryKate M.

Norma is just wonderful to work with. She has such an eye for details and was able to tailor her approach to exactly what the clients needed. I highly recommend her for staging, interior design and home organization!  - Katie T.

Norma is just simply great. Any project big or small she can do it and does it well. I use Just Simplify for both my home and my office. I started a few years ago with a big decluttering project of my entire house. Norma worked with me from attic to basement. We had a dumpster but we also donated a lot more. She got my home looking so great using mostly what I already had in the house.
Now I use her services (of which she has too many to mention all here) regularly to keep me organized and on track outside and peaceful and calm inside. I am a mother of ten children, grandmother of 13 and office manager / bookkeeper of my husband's consulting company. I highly recommend Just Simplify.  - Carol C.

Norma changed our lives! After years and years of buying random pieces and trying to make furniture work, Norma helped us realize what we were trying to achieve, made awesome purchases within our budget, kept pieces that had meaning to us, and arranged everything beautifully. She made our house finally feel like a home. I recommend her fully!  - Anne S.

Norma has that remarkable talent and ability to give your home or office space a fresh new look….using your own stuff! Whether you want a new look, an area reorganized, or have your home staged for moving, Norma is the one to call. I’ve used Norma for several projects in my home and couldn’t be more pleased. It truly is amazing to see how a space is transformed! I highly recommend Just Simplify for all your design and reorganization needs.  - Madeline D.

Norma is amazing! She is the best mix of giving suggestions & following the customer's requests, & taking charge when needed. She takes away the anxiety of that first step & helps you to dive in & do great things! - Liz O.