Special Projects by Just Simplify

I’ve been asked to consult on different projects for businesses and this was one of my very favorites!

Delta Cycling hired me to STAGE and STYLIZE a new line of premium wall shelving.

It started with Concept Boards, meetings with their team, and a proposal. In the end, I staged 7 rooms with 16 different room variations utilizing several wood finishes in different lengths and configurations.

In this role, I did the prop shop (sourcing… some bought, some borrowed and some rented from my extensive accessory cache). I organized the props at the site and STAGED on a moveable wall in a garage warehouse – the “rooms” were later photoshopped in… what a big leap for me. Usually, I work in the actual space!

After a few solo pre-propping sessions and then a full day of photo shooting, the project was declared a big success.

These shelves are sold at notable national companies such as Birch Lane, Walmart, Wayfair, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and more!

Check them out on Wayfair:

Loved this project!

If you have a special project that could use the expertise of a STAGER and ORGANIZER, give me a call to see if JS is a good fit!