Whether you are downsizing or are feeling overwhelmed with all your STUFF, I can help.  So often I hear, "I just don't know where to start!"  Don't worry, I'll take the lead.  I'll help you (gently) purge, find the best place to store your things and love your home again.  I like using what you already have, so don't buy a thing.  We'll re-purpose items in your home first, then we'll "plug in the holes" later.  Hiring a professional organizer is like having a personal trainer....for your home!

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Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes or an extra set of hands to see the hidden potential in your own home.  Re-design is using your own furniture, your own stuff (without making any major purchases) and changing the look of your space by simply starting new, creating better "flow," removing items that don't work and moving around furniture and accessories.




Having too much stuff can be a nightmare, especially when you are thinking about selling your home.  In fact, it's the top complaint of realtors when trying to help you ready your home for sale.  It's called CLUTTER.  If you've got too much STUFF, or know someone who needs a hand DE-CLUTTERING, getting ORGANIZED, PACKING, or getting ready to SELL their home, you know where to turn ... just  s i m p l i f y 

JUST  S I M P L I F Y ... made easier!  Check out my NEW SERVICES:

THE WALK THROUGH -   You want your house organized but you just don’t know where to start.  Or maybe you’re thinking of selling your house and want to get a head start by organizing and getting rid of “stuff.”  Call me.  I’ll walk through your house with you, attic to basement.  I’ll create A PLAN, a detailed written checklist along with time lines and my favorite places to donate.  I’ll help get you started, help you prioritize and keep you on track.  

THE CUSTOMIZER -   Similar to The Walk Through, but you just want me in – and out.  You’re a do-it-yourselfer and you just want ideas.  You want an opinion on painting, furniture, room design, organizing, remodeling, staging or re-design.  You can pick my brain, take my ideas and then run with them.

THE 4-HOUR BLOCK -   Want an organized closet, better flow and design in your family room, help taming your paperwork, a clean garage, attic or kitchen? Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just hire out to get a project off the ground.  You have a limited budget, but you need help.  4 hours works wonders.

THE WHOLE HOUSE BLITZ -   Company’s coming, you’re going on vacation or you’re having a party.  You need your house looking good RIGHT NOW…the W H O L E house! You need another you…or an extra set of hands anyway!  There’s nothing like a deadline to get you in gear, and there’s nothing like a deadline to put you in a tailspin and stress you out!  Call Just Simplify .  Together, we’ll blitz the whole house, every room.   

THE FREQUENT FLYER -   The best way to control your clutter…is consistency.  Keep your house in check.  Hire Just Simplify on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  It’s like having a personal trainer…for your house!  I’ll help you get organized, stay organized and teach you some Feng Shui tips to a healthier, happier home.  Turn your home to a lean, organized machine with regular sessions from Just Simplify.