Organizing Services for Seniors

There’s a special place in my heart for the senior client. Growing up, my grandfather lived in our house with us. I didn’t just love him, I liked him, and spent time with him. I spent my first 15 years after college working in Elder Services for the state of Massachusetts and private agencies, ensuring senior clients could remain safely in their own homes.

Sometimes when families work together emotions run high and patience runs thin, making it very difficult to get anything accomplished. In these situations, I become the liaison between my clients and their family. I have several senior clients that I see on a regular basis. Other times, I am hired for special projects helping to declutter, downsize for a move, or even to help with a final downsize – a thoughtful and effective way to declutter with the intention to lessen the burden for the family when the senior client passes.

I also work directly with the senior client, making sure they feel included and in control. We approach things slowly and thoughtfully. I help them decide what to keep and what to let go of, identifying items that are truly important to hold on to.

For many senior clients, I create a Master Book, listing all their pertinent information in one place… bank accounts, utility companies, auto-pay accounts, credit cards, life insurance, wills, legal documents, original birth certificates, marriage certificates, passwords, family members, contact info, and more. The book contains everything we can gather and list in one place to make it easier for the family when the time comes. Many times, we talk about death and their wishes. This gives such peace of mind and is so helpful to my clients and their families later on.

If you are a senior adult or have a family member that would benefit from this kind of organizing, please don’t hesitate to call.

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