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Whether you are a renter, homeowner, or realtor, there is something here for everyone.

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Home Staging

My goal is to change up the style to highlight and enhance the unique selling features of your home. Each room will have a defined function to show buyers the true value of their investment.

The result? An appealing interior that communicates value to prospective buyers.

Whether you are a homeowner or a realtor, my home staging services will show buyers how easy it is to live there!

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If you are downsizing or feeling overwhelmed with TOO MUCH STUFF, I can help.

So often I hear, “I just don’t know where to start!” Don’t worry, I’ll take the lead. I’ll help you (gently) purge, and if you are staying, I’ll help you find the best place to store your things so you can love your home again. If you are moving, I’ll help identify what to keep and what to give away, sell or donate.

If you are staying, I like using what you already have, so don’t buy a thing. We’ll repurpose items in your home first, then we’ll “plug in the holes” later.

A well-ordered home will bring you peace. Hiring a professional organizer is like having a personal trainer for your home!

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Need a fresh pair of eyes or an extra set of hands to see the hidden potential in your home?

A redesign will change the look of your space by using your own furniture and your own stuff (without making any major purchases).

We’ll create better flow by moving furniture and accessories around, and strategically removing items that aren’t working. The results? A stylized, highly functional, and cohesive space without a steep interior design price tag. You’ll be amazed at how simple changes can make a big impact!

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Other Services

Organizing services for senior adults that could benefit from thoughtful and effective decluttering.

Consulting on special projects that could use the expertise of a stager and organizer.

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