Are you at a stage of your life when you look around and realize that you have too much STUFF? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, buried in stuff and don’t know how to dig yourself out, you’re not alone.

Welcome to Just Simplify, a home organization and design service specializing in ORGANIZING, RE-DESIGN and HOME STAGING.

If you want to get your body in shape, you might hire a personal trainer. If you want to get your house in shape, hire a professional organizer.   I like to include principles of Feng Shui in my organizing and visions for a room.  Feng Shui is the art of placement, working with an object’s harmony and balance with its surroundings.  Feng shui is about energy.  It affects your physical and mental health. In our homes, it’s about flow and “pleasing” furniture arrangements. The goal is to get your environment in alignment, to harmonize your energy with your home’s energy.  How your room is arranged and how you maintain the space affects the energy:

When you walk into a room and see something that brings you joy, you will send joy back.

The end result: a beautiful, organized space.  A place that “feels” good, a place you’re happy to come home to, a place you’re happy to call home.

Since 1993

Sort, purge, place...

That's the basic process.  We will work together going through your “stuff”.  I’ll help you prioritize. I’ll gently guide you as we sort through your things.  There is no judgement.  I know how to “trust the process”, and let things unfold. I will never make you get rid of anything you don’t want to.  We will “name the place”, the best space in your home to store the things you want to keep, helping you feel less stress, giving you peace of mind. We’ll simplify, beautify and you’ll feel more organized. Amazing things can happen as you let things go.  Rooms will be transformed and your home will run more smoothly. And the best part, the transformation will be internal too.  You’ll have more energy, and feel happy every time you come home!                                                                                                                                                            

I also re-design rooms and work with home owners and realtors doing home staging.  Look at before-and-after pictures and read testimonials from my clients.  Be inspired, and when you're ready, give me a call.  ~ Norma 617-365-1237



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