My Approach

I believe in a place for everything and everything in its place. My job is to find or create the perfect place for the things in your space ... to SIMPLIFY so that you can focus and spend time doing the things you need to do.  Sort... Purge... Place... in a nutshell, that's what I do. 
I've always been an organizer. Growing up, I was the one who cleaned the cellar and rearranged the linen closet. I did it for my mom, but I also did it because I thought it was fun!  I enjoy creating order, folding the towels just right, lining up the tools in the shed and finding the perfect spot for something that seems out of place.
I have a huge amount of energy and welcome new projects. I love getting my hands dirty and jumping right in. I have a knack for taking a project (big or small), breaking it down to the simplest task, establishing what needs to be done first and then starting the project. 
I'm great with deadlines and time frames, so I'll keep you on track. I get a kick out of the process and seeing the finished project. Whether it's picking out a new wall color, rearranging all the "stuff" in your kitchen cabinets or emptying out a lifetime of attic accumulation, I'll keep you focused and coach you each step of the way.  If you prefer homework, we can talk about that too.  The more you do on your own, the less you will need me, but I'll keep you accountable.  I really enjoy what I do!
There's no time like the present, so give me a call . . .